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Summary: Psychological assessments of U.S. presidents and presidential candidates, world leaders, and rogue or terrorist leaders conducted at the Unit for the Study of Personality in Politics.

Jan 9th, 2021

Summary: Aubrey Immelman Twitter feed.

Summary: The consequences of President Donald Trump’s “Save America Rally” speech could have been foreseen, but impeachment is the riskiest response.

Summary: Preview of how President-elect Joe Biden will govern if inaugurated as president of the United States.

Summary: The atypical political environment in which the 2020 U.S. presidential election is being conducted (e.g., global pandemic, mail-in ballots) violates the assumptions of the Personal Electability Index (PEI), meaning that it cannot reliably project the winner of the presidential election.

Summary: Psychological analysis of U.S. vice president Mike Pence indicates that Vice President Pence’s primary personality pattern is Conscientious/dutiful, complemented by secondary Dominant/asserting, Ambitious/confident, and Accommodating/cooperative features and a minor Outgoing/congenial tendency. In summary, Pence’s personality composite can be characterized as a “conscientious deliberator.”

Summary: Sen. Kamala Harris’s primary personality patterns are Dominant/asserting, complemented by secondary Ambitious/confident and Outgoing/congenial patterns.

Summary: Personality analysis reveals Joe Biden is Outgoing/ gregarious, complemented by a secondary Accommodating/cooperative pattern and subsidiary Ambitious/confident features.

Summary: “The Personality Profile and Leadership Style of U.S. President Donald J. Trump in Office” was presented at the annual meeting of the International Society of Political Psychology in Berlin, July 14-16, 2020.

Summary: Rumors are swirling on the internet that Kim Jong-un is “in grave danger,” in a “vegetative state” or dead after botched heart surgery, or in quarantine after contracting COVID-19.