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Summary: Hundreds of Afghans marched through Kabul on the eve of the 10-year anniversary of the U.S. military campaign in Afghanistan to condemn the United States as occupiers and demand the immediate withdrawal of all foreign troops. … One-year retrospective: One year ago today, on October 8, 2010, Aubrey Immelman reported that the United States, continuing a surge in CIA-run, drone-fired attacks, conducted two missile strikes in the northwestern Pakistan tribal region along the Afghan border, killing nine suspected militants.

Nov 21st, 2010

Summary: There are growing signs that the U.S.-led coalition in Afghanistan has worn out its welcome, with “foreigner fatigue” becoming increasingly apparent among the Afghan people. … One-year retrospective: One year ago today, on November 21, 2009, Aubrey Immelman reported that the United States government had spent $53 billion on reconstruction in Iraq since the 2003 invasion — building tens of thousands of hospitals, water treatment plants, electricity substations, schools, and bridges — but that there were growing concerns Iraq will not be able to adequately maintain the facilities once the Americans leave, potentially wasting hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars.