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Oct 16th, 2011


One Year Ago — October 16, 2010

U.S. Warned of Mumbai Swarm Attacks

One year ago today, I reported that U.S. law enforcement authorities received two separate warnings that an American businessman was plotting a terrorist attack in Mumbai, India, with the Pakistani extremist group Lashkar-e-Taiba.


Two Years Ago — October 16, 2009

‘Celebration of Children’ Concert Marks 20th Anniversary of Jacob Wetterling Kidnapping

Patty Wetterling sings with Red Grammer during the “Celebration of Children” concert at the College of St. Benedict, St. Joseph, Oct. 17, 2009. (Photo credit: Adam Hammer / St. Cloud Times)

Two years ago today, on October 16, 2009, I reported on a concert by Jacob Wetterling’s favorite singer, Red Grammer, to mark the 20th anniversary of Jacob’s abduction on October 22, 1989.


Three Years Ago — October 16, 2008

Afghan Policeman Murders U.S. Soldier

Image: Car bomb attack
Iraqi security forces inspect the scene of a car bomb attack in Ramadi, 70 miles west of Baghdad, Iraq, on Sunday, Oct. 11, 2009. (Photo credit: The Associated Press)

Three years ago today, on October 16, 2008, I reported on sectarian divisions that threaten stability in Iraq and the murder of a U.S. soldier by an Afghan policeman.

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