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Aug 15th, 2008

Sixth District Walking Tour: Schedule for Friday

At about noon today, I will resume the walking tour where I left off early Thursday evening, in Anoka, from where I will walk to Blaine, a distance of about 10 miles, and then on to Circle Pines (6 miles), for a total of about 16 miles.



Starting the day's walk in Anoka, headed for Blaine and Circle Pines, Aug. 15, 2008.
Starting the day’s walk in Anoka, headed for Blaine and Circle Pines.

Turns out, an easier route was from Blaine to Lino Lakes and Centerville. So, I missed Circle Pines. However, I met a middle-aged bicyclist from Circle Pines at the new bridge under construction between Lino Lakes and Centerville. He described himself as a “fiscally conservative Democrat,” so we shared a good deal of common ground about runaway deficit spending.

Kelly’s Bar & Grill in Centerville, Minnesota.

Finally, if any of the smokers outside Kelly’s Bar & Grill in Centerville read this, thanks for the conversation while I waited for my ride to the hotel. My wife took a video still of me in front of the establishment to document the end of my walk for the day and I’ll post it here after I get back home to Sartell on Saturday night.



Kellys-Centerville_08-15-2008.jpg Kelly's-Centerville_08-15-2008 picture by Rifleman-Al
Arriving at Kelly’s in Centerville at sunset after walking from Anoka to Blaine and Lino Lakes.

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