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Sep 5th, 2008

On the campaign trail yesterday, I made brief stops north of the St. Paul metro in the cities of Wyoming and Forest Lake on my way to the final night of the Republican National Convention, where I went to observe the action outside the convention hall. I’ll post video on my YouTube Channel and on this blog Sunday, when I’m not campaigning.

With two young supporters in Memorial Park, Forest Lake, Sept. 4, 2008.
With two young supporters, Michael (6) and Steven (10), at Lakeside Memorial Park, Forest Lake.

Lakeside Memorial Park, Forest Lake, Sept. 4, 2008.
From these honored dead we take increased devotion to that cause for which they gave the last full measure of devotion. … Lakeside Memorial is dedicated to the memory of those who gave their lives in our nation’s wars since World War I.

The Campaign SUV -- my trusty old 1989 Jeep Cherokee Laredo 4.0 liter 4 x 4 -- in Wyoming, Minn., Sept. 4, 2008.
The Campaign SUV — my trusty old 1989 Jeep Cherokee Laredo 4.0 liter 4 x 4 — in Wyoming, Minn.


As noted yesterday, media organizations have begun publishing their voter guides for the 2008 election. Today, I feature voter guide information from the St. Paul Pioneer Press.

Pioneer Press Voter Guide

Aubrey Immelman
U.S. House
Party: Republican
Age: 52
Incumbent: No
Occupation: Psychology professor, military/security consultant
Address: P.O. Box 117
Sartell, MN 56377
Key Issue 1: U.S. national security/Iraq war
Key Issue 2: Securing U.S. borders/enforcing immigration law
Key Issue 3: Ensuring that local law enforcement agencies and first responders are adequately funded to maintain public safety
Why are you running for office?
I’m challenging the incumbent for the Republican nomination, because in my opinion she’s been an uncritical mouthpiece for the policies that led to the invasion of Iraq, instead of standing up and speaking out about the serious consequences of the Iraq war, which has further destabilized the Middle East, empowered Iran, facilitated the spread of al-Qaida and Muslim fundamentalist extremism, damaged the stature of the United States, and exacted a high cost in American lives and taxpayer dollars.
If you are an incumbent, what are your accomplishments in office? If you are a challenger, what accomplishments can voters expect?
Voters can expect me to be in touch with ordinary citizens, not beholden to special interests, and to spend time in the district meeting voters face to face — for example, in town hall meetings. In my campaign, I have walked the length of the Sixth District, 100 miles from Freeport in the north to Stillwater in the east; and the breadth of the District, 50 miles from Foley in the east to Paynesville in the west. With my feet firmly on the ground, my loyalties are clear. I have not taken any money to run for office and have no strings attached. My first responsibility will be to Sixth District residents. If elected, my goal will be to use my background and experience in the areas of intelligence, homeland security, armed services, and foreign affairs to help keep America safe.I’m disdainful of the deplorable level of divisive partisanship in Washington. Voters can expect me to be collegial, to reach across the aisle where possible to accomplish my legislative goals, and to strive to work productively with all reasonable people. Despite our ideological differences, we’re all American.
Why are you the best candidate?
I’m neither highly partisan nor an ideologue, which equips me well to be responsive to the concerns of all reasonable people — Republican, Democrat, and independent. The people of the Sixth District, like most Americans, are tired of partisan bickering and political extremism on both sides of the aisle. Furthermore, I believe I’m best qualified to help keep America safe in a post-9/11 world. I offer strong national security credentials, with military training as an airborne soldier in counterinsurgency and anti-terrorist operations and professional experience as a military consultant on nuclear counterproliferation, threat assessment, deterrence, and psychological operations.

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