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Sep 27th, 2008

Kurdish, Iraqi Forces Clash in Disputed Area

September 27, 2008

SULAIMANIYA, Iraq — Kurdish security forces and Iraqi police clashed in Iraq’s northeastern Diyala province on Saturday, killing one member of each group, officials on both sides said.

Towns on the border between Diyala and the largely autonomous northern Kurdistan region are disputed by Kurds and the central government and have emerged as a flashpoint in their tense relationship in recent months.

Jabbar Yawar, spokesman for the Kurdish Peshmerga security forces, said one Kurdish security forces member and one member of the national Iraqi police had died in clashes after a dispute at a Kurdish party’s headquarters in the town of Jalawla. …

Tensions have been rising between Iraqi security forces and Kurds in the area in recent weeks. In August, most of a brigade of 2,000 Kurdish troops, known as Peshmerga, who had patrolled ethnically mixed parts of Diyala withdrew to the edge of the Kurdish region under pressure from the central government. …

The Iraqi army had wanted to enter Khanaqin to stamp government authority on the area in August. But Peshmerga forces patrolling the town had refused to withdraw and thousands of Kurds staged protests as the army approached. …

Diyala, with large populations of ethnic Kurds, Arabs and Turkmen divided into Sunni and Shi’ite religious groups, has also remained a battleground for Sunni Islamist al Qaeda. …

Cold war between Baghdad and Kurds turns hot


Security Developments in Iraq

Following are security developments in Iraq on Saturday, Sept. 27, 2008 as reported by Reuters.

NEAR BALAD RUZ – A roadside bomb targeting an Iraqi army patrol killed two Iraqi soldiers and wounded 14, south of the town of Balad Ruz, 55 miles northeast of Baghdad in volatile Diyala province, police said.

MOSUL – Iraqi soldiers killed two militants near a checkpoint in eastern Mosul, 240 miles north of Baghdad on Friday, police said.

MOSUL – A car bomb killed a man in western Mosul, police said.

BAGHDAD – A roadside bomb wounded one policeman in the Mansour district in western Baghdad, police said.

JALAWLA – One Iraqi policeman and one Kurdish security forces member were killed when the two sides clashed after a dispute at the headquarters of a Kurdish party in Jalawla, an ethnically-mixed town in Diyala province north of Baghdad.

NEAR TAL AFAR – A Yemeni al Qaeda suicide bomber killed two other al Qaeda members on Thursday when the Iraqi Army conducted a raid near Tal Afar, 260 miles northwest of Baghdad, the U.S. military said in a statement. Four other militants were arrested.

BAGHDAD – U.S. forces arrested five militants accused of ties to Iran in the New Baghdad district of eastern Baghdad, the U.S. military said.

BAAJ – Gunmen wounded a member of Baaj local council and his wife when they attacked their car in a drive-by shooting in the town of Baaj, 230 miles northwest of Baghdad, police said.

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