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Aug 21st, 2011

Gadhafi Says He’ll Stay in Tripoli ‘Until the End’

Meanwhile, hundreds of rebels push to the western outskirts of Tripoli


Rebels begin fighting in Tripoli (NBC Nightly News, Aug. 20, 2011) — NBC News can confirm that fighting has begun in at least three neighborhoods within Libya’s capital city in what might be embattled Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi’s last stand. NBC’s Richard Engel reports. (02:57)

The Associated Press and Reuters via
August 21, 2011

TRIPOLI, Libya — Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi said Sunday he will stay in Tripoli “until the end” and called on his supporters around the country to help liberate the capital from a rebel offensive.

He said in an audio message played over state television he was “afraid that Tripoli will burn” and he said he would provide weapons to supporters to fight off the rebels.

Gadhafi’s comments came as hundreds of euphoric Libyan rebels pushed to the western outskirts of Tripoli without meeting any resistance after they overran a major military base that defends the capital on Sunday. The trappings of Gadhafi’s regime were crumbling fast, with opposition forces rising up from within his stronghold at the same time.

Associated Press reporters with the rebels said they reached the Tripoli suburb of Janzour around nightfall Sunday. They were greeted by civilians lining the streets and waving rebel flags. Hours earlier, the same rebel force of hundreds drove out elite forces led by Gadhafi’s son Khamis in a brief gunbattle. …

Inside Tripoli, there was a second day of widespread clashes between what the opposition called “sleeping cells” of rebels who are rising up and Gadhafi loyalists. There were also large anti-government protests. …

The rebels were chanting: “We are coming for you, frizz-head.” …

Rebels said Saturday that they had launched their first attack on Tripoli in coordination with NATO and gunbattles and mortar rounds rocked the city. NATO aircraft also made heavier than usual bombing runs after nightfall, with loud explosions booming across the city.

On Sunday, more heavy machine gun fire and explosions rang out across the capital with more clashes and protests.

Government minders in a hotel where foreign journalists have been staying in Tripoli have begun to arm themselves with weapons in anticipation of a rebel take over. The hotel manager said he had received calls from angry rebels threatening to charge the hotel to capture the government’s spokesman, Moussa Ibrahim.

Heavy gunfire was heard in the neighborhood around the Rixos hotel, and smoke was seen rising from a closeby building. …

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Libyan rebels on the move toward Tripoli (NBC Nightly News, March 28, 2011) — After advancing toward Tripoli almost unchecked for two days, Libyan rebels are having to fight for territory in the desert outside Sirte, where Gadhafi’s troops are taking a stand. NBC’s Richard Engel reports. (03:29)

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Tom Ridge Terror Threat Claim

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