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Sep 10th, 2009

Democrats call Tim Pawlenty “Bachmannesque”

Bachmann-Pawlenty.jpg picture by Rifleman-Al
Bachmann stumps for Pawlenty

The Dump Bachmann blog, citing the Minnesota Independent’s coverage of  Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty’s recent visit to Virginia to support embattled Republican gubernatorial candidate Bob McDonnell, reports that “Michele Bachmann’s political poison continues to taint other Republican politicians.”

Donna Cassutt, associate chair of the Minnesota DFL Party, accused Pawlenty of “trying to cull favor with the extreme right wing” of the national party in recent weeks to secure his chances as a Republican candidate for president. …

“The only way that Republicans could be convinced to take out Michele Bachmann,” according Dump Bachmann “would be if she became too much of a distraction to other Republican politicians.”

Excerpts from the Minnesota Independent report:

Dems Pull Out Stops to Tie Pawlenty to McDonnell

By Chris Steller
The Minnesota Independent
September 9, 2009

The national Democratic Party joined forces with two of its state organizations to tar Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty with a hard-right social “manifesto” — a 1989 master’s-degree thesis by Bob McDonnell, Republican candidate for governor in Virginia.

As Pawlenty crossed the Old Dominion on Wednesday campaigning for McDonnell, Democrats held a teleconference with national reporters and Minnesota media. Why pick on T-Paw? Because, said Richard Cranwell, chairman of the Democratic Party of Virginia, “he’s the first superstar we’ve had out here since the manifesto manifested itself.”

McDonnell’s thesis sets a course for the GOP against contraception for married couples, in opposition to working mothers, and in favor of discrimination against gay people.

Cranwell …. denied that the tele-press conference was part of a strategy to extend the damage to McDonnell that began with an Aug. 30 article in the Washington Post, where the story continues to develop.

“I don’t see it as a strategy,” Cranwell said, calling McDonnell “an individual at the extreme spectrum [sic] on some very basic, fundamental issues.” …

Donna Cassutt, associate chair of the Minnesota DFL Party, accused Pawlenty of “trying to cull favor with the extreme right wing” of the national party in recent weeks to secure his chances as a Republican candidate for president.

Calling Pawlenty “comparable to Michele Bachmann,” Cassutt sought to link what she termed Pawlenty’s “Bachmann-esque” statements to McDonnell’s views, citing the Minnesotan’s worries about President Obama’s back-to-school speech and so-called health-reform “death panels.” …


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FROM THE ARCHIVES: One Year Ago — September 10, 2008

After the Primary Election: Day 1

“Good Try! 14%” — Nine-year-old Elizabeth presents me with a cake on behalf of my family to welcome me home from the campaign trail.

One year ago today, on the first day after the Sept. 9, 2008 Minnesota State Primary Election in which I challenged U.S. Rep. Michele Bachmann for the Republican nomination as House of Representatives candidate in Minnesota’s 6th Congressional District, I reported and analyzed the election results, thanked my supporters, and congratulated Rep. Bachmann on her win.

Here, again, is a summary and initial analysis of the results:

Results from Minnesota CD 06 for U.S. Representative (Certified)

Number of Registered Voters: 425,609
Precincts Reporting: 100.00% (318 of 318)

Michele Bachmann     19,127   (85.9%)    [47.15%]
Aubrey Immelman       3,134    (14.1%)      [7.73%]

El Tinklenberg             17,474   (100%)     [43.08%]

Bob Anderson                  828   (100%)       [2.04%]

Note: Numbers in square brackets signify candidates’ percentage of the 40,563 vote total.

In summary, out of 40,563 votes cast, Rep. Bachmann received a plurality (47.2%), but not a majority, of the vote, with 19,127 votes for and 21,436 against. Thus, the Sixth District appears to remain competitive for Democrats. However, it should also be noted that the 22,261 combined vote total of the two Republican candidates comprised 54.9% of the vote. Ultimately, I would caution against drawing strong conclusions from an unrepresentative primary election sample, in which 385,046 voters (90.5%) chose not to vote.

Results-2_09-09-2008.jpg Watching the Election Returns picture by Rifleman-Al
Watching the election returns with my wife Pam (center) and supporter Nancy Carver at Rumors Bar & Grill, Little Rock Lake, Sept. 9, 2008.

8 Responses to “Pawlenty Compared to Bachmann”
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  2. Aubrey Immelman Says:

    Posted on the Web by C.M. | 09.12.09 – 8:42 am |

    Do you see it? Do you see one of the many, many reasons why I believe that Michele Bachmann must be re-elected?

    “Pawlenty’s Bachmann-esque statements”

    What a wonderful word, Bachmann-esque. It means to make no sense. To be totally wrong. To tell lies that wouldn’t fool a five-year old. To make a statement that might be a sign of clinical insanity.

    I believe that if my darling Michele is re-elected it won’t be long before words like Bachmann-esque become accepted terms understood by everybody.

    There are many ways people can use Michele’s glorious name to make a point.

    Joe Wilson: “I wish to apologise to the President for my outburst. I was having a Bachmann moment.”

    CNN: “At the recent town hall meeting on healthcare a number of Bachmann-eyed protesters disrupted the proceedings.”

    Some other definitions

    Bachmanned: To accuse someone of something so ridiculous that nobody takes it seriously: “The President was Bachmanned today when the John Birch Society accused him of being a space alien.”

    Bachmannite: Somebody who believes any crazy conspiracy they hear. “He believes Bush personally flew the planes into the Twin Towers. He believes the moon landing was filmed on a Hollywood backlot. He believes that under the proposed health plan everyone will be executed at age 55. Boy, what a Bachmannite.”

    If you of the 6th District re-elect Michele she will become a household word like cockroach or mildew. Her very name will remind voters of what the Republican Party stands for. I see a glorious future where Americans won’t be able to think of the Republican Party without thinking of Michele Bachmann.

    I realize that it will be a huge sacrifice for the 6th District to give up Congressional representation by electing Michele Bachmann, but the benefit to the country at large is worth the loss of political representation in one small part of the country.

    If you re-elect Michele I will never use another statement that is sure to catch on in America.

    “As dumb as a 6th District voter.”

    I’ll know you guys aren’t stupid, you’re making a point. A point that even a half-crazy conservative will get.

    Vote Bachmann 2010.

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