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Aug 6th, 2010

“Solve My Mystery: The True Story of Chris Jenkins”

NBC’s Dateline Covers Chris Jenkins Murder Mystery

Chris Jenkins

By Jana Shortal
KARE 11 News
August 6, 2010

MINNEAPOLIS — NBC’s Dateline, a news magazine television show, devoted a full hour Friday night to the murder mystery of Chris Jenkins.

Jenkins was a student at the University of Minnesota when he went missing on Halloween night, in downtown Minneapolis, in 2002.

The show revisited the case in depth, from the night Chris went missing in 2002 until the present day.

Chris’ parents, Steve and Jan Jenkins flew to New York on Thursday to promote the story on Friday’s NBC Today Show.

Steve Jenkins said he was approached to do this story nearly two years ago by a Dateline producer but said no.

He later changed his mind when he was told the special would devote an entire hour to telling more about Chris’ life.

Jan Jenkins says she did it for the same reason she continues to speak out about what happened to her son.

After Chris went missing in 2002 police told the family it was either a suicide or an accidental drowning. Chris was found in the Mississippi River four months after he disappeared.

But, Chris’ parents, and friends knew he didn’t take his own life.

In that vain Chris’ parents fought for four years to find his killer.

In 2006 Minneapolis Police Chief Tim Dolan ordered the case be looked into again, and, in that same year he declared it murder and publicly apologized to the Jenkins family.

Since then, the family has tried to stay out of the limelight but with a chance to tell the entire story, to a national audience, from beginning to end it was nearly impossible to pass up.

“If we save one life, if we keep one family from the hell this causes, it will be worth it,” Jan Jenkins said.

As of today the Chris Jenkins murder case remains open in the Minneapolis Police Homicide unit, and, has investigators assigned to it.

(Copyright 2010 by KARE. All Rights Reserved.)


What happened to Chris Jenkins?

Dateline presents: A new kind of mystery story, which unfolds unlike any other. A college senior named Chris Jenkins is murdered on a chilly Halloween night. Now he comes alive to tell his own story, reconstructing the case in his own words.

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The investigation

Video: Private investigator Chuck Loesch takes us through the first 48 hours of his search for Chris Jenkins. Watch here.

Video: Inside the frantic search to find Chris Jenkins. Watch here.

Video: Police Chief Tim Dolan reflects on the case. Watch here.

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