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Aug 25th, 2008


The Sept. 9 Minnesota state primary election is two weeks from tomorrow. Here’s a first look at the State Partisan Primary Ballot for Stearns County, in which Federal offices (U.S. Senate and U.S. House of Representatives) only are being contested. Some counties in the Sixth Congressional District will include contests for State races (Minnesota House and Senate). I’m the first name listed under the header “U.S. Representative District 6” in the middle column.

Click here to see a larger image of the sample ballot.

Sample of Minnesota State Partisan Primary Ballot for Stearns County, Sept. 9 primary election.

Because the State of Minnesota does not have party registration, we have “open primaries” – meaning any registered voter — Republican, Democrat, or independent — is permitted to vote in the Republican primary. Eligible U.S. citizents who are not registered to vote may register at the polls on Primary Election Day, Sept. 9.



Sixth District incumbent Rep. Michele Bachmann recently sent out an information packet to Republicans on voting in the Sept. 9 Republican primary, which contains useful information on voting absentee by mail or in person and voting on primary day. The information is relevant to all voters, irrespective of party-political affiliation. Note, however, that the addresses, telephone, and fax numbers provided in the image below are for Stearns County residents. If you live in Benton, Sherburne, Wright, Anoka, or Washington County, please contact your local county auditor.

Information on voting in the September 9 Republican Primary, from Rep. Michele Bachmann.



In her recent mailing to Sixth District Republican voters, Rep. Bachmann also enclosed two Absentee Ballot Applications from the Office of the Minnesota Secretary of State for both the primary and general election, one blank and the other with the voter’s name and address already filled out. Please note that completing and submitting the form received in the mail does not bind you to voting for any particular candidate.

Absentee Ballot Application, Office of the Minnesota Secretary of State.

Click here for information from the Office of the Minnesota Secretary of State about absentee voting.

Obtain an Absentee Ballot Application online:

Adobe format (.pdf)

Word format (.doc)

Large print (.pdf)



I received a report that this website may not render correctly for users using Firefox or IE6 browsers. I’ve also noticed that one of the computers in my office does not display all photographs in the blog. Please contact me at if you encounter any difficulties.



I posted two new YouTube campaign videos under “Update” in the blog entry for Day 39 (Aug. 22, 2008).



Suicide Bomber Kills 25 in Baghdad

Image: Residents wait for the funeral of bomb attack victims in Baghdad
Residents wait for the funeral of suicide bomb attack victims in Baghdad. (Photo credit: Mahmoud Raouf Mahmoud / Reuters)

Aug. 24, 2008

BAGHDAD — A suicide bomber detonated an explosive vest at a dinner feast in western Baghdad’s Abu Ghraib district on Sunday, killing 25 people, police said.

The attack, the biggest in weeks, took place at the home of a local sheikh who was holding the feast to celebrate the release of his son from U.S. detention, police said. Women and children were among the dead, as were some men believed to be members of U.S.-backed neighborhood patrols. …

In other violence on Sunday, assailants attacked police patrols in Baghdad and Baqouba, northeast of the capital.

Gunmen driving an ambulance opened fire on a foot patrol in Baqouba, capital of the turbulent Diyala province, killing three policemen and wounding a bystander, police said.

In eastern Baghdad, assailants set off back-to-back roadside bombs. …

Full story

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