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Aug 26th, 2008


My signature issue (and chief reason for contesting this election) is U.S. national security — my main concern being the unintended consequences of the Iraq war.

Plain and simple, the invasion of Iraq was a mistake. More than just exacting a huge cost in American blood, treasure, and loss of international stature, our military intervention in Iraq has created complex security challenges for the United States.

I offer my specialized training and expertise to help secure the vital national security interests of the United States in the wake of the attacks of 9/11 and emerging security threats triggered by the Iraq war.

I’m the only candidate in the Sixth District congressional race with military experience, trained as an airborne soldier in counterinsurgency and anti-terrorist operations and with professional credentials as a military consultant on nuclear counterproliferation, threat assessment, deterrence, and psychological operations.


Bombers Kill Dozens as Violence Erupts in Iraq

One blast targets police recruits; another explosion kills family

A U.S. soldier helps a boy wounded by a car bomb in Tikrit, Iraq.
(Photo credit: Sabah Al-Bazee / Reuters)

Aug. 26, 2008

BAGHDAD — Three blasts killed at least 34 Iraqis on Tuesday, most of them in a suicide car bombing that struck a group of police recruits, officials said. It was one of the highest daily casualty tolls in recent months.

Two of the bombs went off in Diyala province. … In the provincial town of Jalula, an assailant drove a car toward a building where new police recruits had assembled, said Col. Ahmed Mahmoud Khalifa, the local police chief.

The car approached the building but was stopped by guards. The driver then detonated the explosives, the chief said. He said 25 people were killed and 40 wounded. …

Elsewhere in Diyala, a roadside bomb struck a van carrying a Sunni family near the town of Mandali along the Iranian border, said Col. Sarchal Abdul-Karim, a spokesman of Iraqi border guards in the area.

Five members of the family were killed, including two women and two children, the spokesman said. …

Also Tuesday, a bomb planted in a parked car killed four people and wounded six, including three policemen, in the city of Tikrit north of Baghdad.

The explosion went off during morning rush hour in a central street used by local government officials to go to work, said a police official. …



This afternoon, I traveled to Paynesville, on the western boundary of the Sixth District, to talk to the Paynesville Press and to complete the last few miles of my walk from Foley to Paynesville, which I had to suspend in Roscoe, six miles west of Paynesville, last Saturday afternoon to make it back in time to Rockville for the Rock-Fest parade.

Downtown Paynesville, where I ended my second walking tour, a 50-mile campaign swing on foot across the Sixth Congressional District down Highway 23 from Foley in the east to Paynesville in the west.

Arriving at City Hall in downtown Paynesville at the end of the walking tour.

Walking to Paynesville on Campaign Trail

By Ellarry Prentice
Paynesville Press

Aubrey Immelman of Sartell, the Republican opponent of U.S. Rep. Michele Bachmann in the Sixth Congressional District primary contest, took a unique approach to his campaign: walking.

The St. John’s/St. Ben’s University psychology professor decided to walk the length of the district — from Freeport to Stillwater, and then down Highway 23 from Foley to St. Cloud, then west to Rockville, Cold Spring, and Paynesville — to deliver his message and meet constituents.

Immelman displayed his campaign sign as he arrived in Paynesville on Tuesday, Aug. 26. The Republican congressional challenger’s core issues are national security, law enforcement/public safety, and illegal migration/border security.

He feels it necessary to spend time in the district he hopes to represent in Washington. A statewide primary will be held on Tuesday, Sept. 9.

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