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    With campaign activities having taken me away from my family much of the time this summer, I’ve decided to take them to the Minnesota State Fair today, so we can spend some time together before everyone heads off to school next week.

    Evening Update

    At the Minnesota State Fair: Paddy (2), Matt (11), Pam, and Tim Immelman (13), Aug. 31, 2008.
    At the entrance to the Minnesota State Fairgrounds: Paddy (2), Matt (11), Pam, and Tim Immelman (13).

    Tim (13) and Matt (11) at the Minnesota State Fair, Aug. 31, 2008.
    Tim and Matt at the Minnesota State Fair.

    New Feature on this Site

    I launched a new feature on this site Saturday night — telling my life story in pictures — after Rep. Michele Bachmann gave me the idea to introduce myself to the public:

    Bachmann said she welcomed Immelman to the race.

    “I am excited about that challenge,” she said. “I believe he’s a professor, and I look forward to the challenge. I think it’s great. I love more people in the mix, so I look forward to it. He’ll have to introduce himself to the public and let people know where he stands.”

    (The above is from a Minnesota Public Radio report. Read about it here or listen to it here.)

    So, I have now added a photo gallery to my issue pages, which can be accessess by clicking on the “Biography” tab at the top of this page and scrolling all the way down (or click here). I will add photos as time permits to fill in the pictorial gaps in my life history.

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