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Oct 25th, 2010

Summary: Amid fears its nuclear enrichment activities are aimed at developing nuclear weapons, Iran has begun loading fuel into the core of its Bushehr nuclear power plant, built with the help of Russia. … One-year retrospective: One year ago today, on October 25, 2009, Aubrey Immelman reported that two powerful car bombs exploded outside the Justice Ministry and city government offices in downtown Baghdad, killing 155 and wounding at least 500 in Iraq’s worst mass-casualty bombing in more than two years.

Aug 21st, 2010

Summary: Israel has denounced Iran’s fueling up of its first nuclear power plant, in Bushehr, as “totally unacceptable” and called for more international pressure to force Tehran to cease any uranium enrichment. … One-year retrospective: One year ago today, on August 21, 2009 Aubrey Immelman reported that former Homeland Security Secretary Tom Ridge claimed in a new book that he was pressured by other members of President George W. Bush’s Cabinet to raise the nation’s terror alert level just before the 2004 presidential election.

Dec 13th, 2009

Summary: Analysts believe the nuclear threat from North Korea and Iran is worse today than it was a year ago. … One-year retrospective: One year ago today, on December 13, 2008, Aubrey Immelman reported that Ali al-Dabbagh, spokesman for the government of Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki, said Iraq would need a U.S. troop presence for 10 years to help build up its military forces, well past the agreed three-year deadline for the withdrawal of American soldiers under the U.S.-Iraq status-of-forces agreement negotiated by the Bush administration.