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Sep 21st, 2011


One Year Ago — September 21, 2010

Iraq-Afghanistan Casualties

One year ago today, I provided my weekly report of U.S. military deaths in the Iraq and Afghanistan wars.

Army Maj. Paul D. Carron, 33, Charlotte, N.C., died Sept. 18, 2010 at Qalat, Afghanistan, of injuries sustained in a non-combat incident. He is survived by his wife Susan Abernethy Carron, daughter Madeline, unborn son Luke Douglas, and parents Command Sergeant Major (Retired) Douglas and Myong Carron.

AP photos: A family member holds newborn Luke Carron in a baby carrier as Luke’s sister, Madeline Carron, looks on during a burial service for their father, Army Maj. Paul D. Carron, at Arlington National Cemetery in Arlington, Va. , Wednesday, Oct. 20, 2010.

Major Carron was serving with the 2nd Stryker Regiment as the squadron executive officer and had been deployed in Operation Enduring Freedom since June 2010. He was commissioned a second lieutenant in the infantry after graduating from the United States Military Academy at West Point in 1999.

Paul Douglas Carron served the Army with distinction in a number of capacities in his eleven years of service, including platoon leader in the 82nd Airborne Division and the 75th Ranger Regiment, executive officer in the 75th Ranger Regiment, and company commander in the 25th Infantry Division and the 5th Ranger Training Brigade. He deployed five times in support of both Operations Iraqi Freedom and Enduring Freedom. In 2007, he was named a McArthur Leadership Award winner and in August 2008 he was selected to serve as aide de camp for the Commanding General, United States Army Europe.


Two Years Ago — September 21, 2009

Afghanistan “Mission Failure”

Image: US General McChrystal, the new commander for the international troops in Afghanistan, attends a meeting in Sintra
U.S./NATO commander in Afghanistan, Gen. Stanley McChrystal.

Two years ago today, on September 21, 2009, I reported that Gen. Stanley McChrystal, the top U.S. and NATO commander in Afghanistan at the time, in an urgent, confidential assessment of the war, warned that he needed more forces within the next year and bluntly stated that without them, the eight-year conflict would “likely result in failure.”


Three Years Ago — September 21, 2008

Bombing of Pakistan Marriott Hotel; Assassination, Bombings in Iraq

Aamir Qureshi / AFP — Getty Images

Three years ago today, on September 21, 2008, I reported on a truck-bombing of the Marriott hotel in Islamabad, Pakistan, which killed more than 50, and violence in Iraq, including an assassination and bombings.

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