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Jun 21st, 2010

Apocalypse Now: The Gulf Coast Oil Spill Disaster

A prophetic view of BP’s Gulf of Mexico Deepwater Horizon oil drilling catastrophe from a Christian fundamentalist perspective.


Our Saviour’s Warnings

The Gulf Oil Disaster Is An Apocalyptic Event!
Jesus Warns America…. It Is Going To Get Much Worse!
Prophet Linda Newkirk received a grave warning on June 16!

Rise up, oh blessed daughter of Mine! For, I am your Father Yahweh, yea Jehovah, Most High God, King of Kings, and the Only Saviour! Sit and write; for My word must go out to a hungry people, to a dry and parched land!

My Little One, do you see what I have done? Do you see? For, I have taken My axe to a dry tree and I have hewn it down! I have taken My axe to an unproductive tree and I have hewn it down! Great is the fall of this tree, a place, where many dark and evil, black birds have nested!

Wickedness and gross wickedness has continually spewed forth from this tree until it has killed itself; for the whole tree has made itself a haven for what is evil and abominable in My sight! A foul stench has continually come up into My face from the wickedness of this evil tree; and I have hewn it down!

My Lord, what is this evil tree and where is this evil tree?

My Little One, this evil tree is the whole coastal region of the Gulf States! This tree is but one offshoot of a greater tree; and this greater tree is the whole of the United States of America! What you do not see from this vision is that this hewn tree is but one very large branch of a large tree; but to you it will surely appear to be a very great tree! And, it is a tree, unto itself, but still a branch of something much larger!

Make it known, My Little One! Publish what I give you and send it far and wide; for I have looked upon the whole Gulf (of Mexico) region of the USA and upon all Gulf (of Mexico) states and I have marked them! I have taken My mark-out pen and I have colored them all in black! I have set a determination against them and I shall totally erase them from off the map of the USA if they do not humble themselves and repent en masse before Me!

For, they are full of evil! Full of adultery! Full of fornication! Full of sexual perversions of every kind! Full of extravagance! Full of witchcraft! Full of idolatry! Full of whoremongering! Full of lying mouths and deceptive ways! Full of the “good-time Charlies!” Full of every kind of evil!

Mark My word in this! For, if those in these states, and those in these states, who are called by My Name, do not repent, I shall send storms, I shall send tsunamis, I shall send earthquakes; and I shall send famine and disease until I have eradicated this evil out of My face! I have set My face against these Gulf Coastal States and I shall not be satisfied until I have destroyed this great evil!

The time of great woes has begun in America! Woe, woe, woe to you, oh America, the slut of the world! Woe to you pornographers; for if you will not repent, you will burn in the fiery chastisements! Woe to you adulterers; for if you will not repent, you will be destroyed in the Lake of Fire! Woe to you preachers, who do not have My Spirit, who preach for gain, and who lead My people astray! For, if you do not repent, you shall have your place in the fires of Outer Darkness! Woe to you covetous, to you liars, to you workers of witchcraft; for if you do not repent, your souls shall be required of you in the fiery chastisements! Woe to you, who love this wicked world and what is in it; and you do not love Me! For, if you do not repent, your soul will perish in the burning flames!

Oh, you mockers and scorners! Woe, woe, woe to you mockers and scorners; for if you will not repent of this great evil, your soul will languish in the flames of correction for a very long time!

It is time for all to stop wondering about the Gulf oil disaster, about who did what and who did not do what! For, I, Yahweh, yea Jehovah, Most High God, set My sights upon it, I set My determination upon it; and I brought it to pass!

Yea, you marvel that Satan caused it and you marvel that British Petroleum caused it; and you marvel that the fall of the fail-safe measures caused it; but I tell you that I, Myself, determined it! And, unless great numbers of you in these coastal states fall upon your faces before Me with weeping and repentance for your great evils, for your great sins and rebellions against Me, you will not see it stopped, not in your lifetimes! Not only will you not see it stopped, but if many of you, on reading this warning, mock and scoff this message, I will further blow out this well and further inundate you! I will so greatly destroy these coastal states until few of you are left!

Oh, you have thought to contain this great mass of oil and contaminants through your self-sufficiency; and you have thought that British Petroleum would contain it, or that your government would contain it; but I tell you that if you will not repent in great numbers, in weeping and in great tears for your evil ways, and turn from your evil ways in great numbers, you will not be spared! For, I have marked you, oh Gulf States, and I will not be satisfied until I have eradicated this great evil out of My face!

Oh, wake up, you harlot nation of America! For, I have put you in My grinding machine! You have entered into the time of great and terrible woes! My hand of correction is upon the whole nation and you shall fall, oh America!

The time of the fulfillment of all My warnings against you has come! And, now nation shall rise up against nation! Hunger and famine shall cover the earth! Missiles shall fly between nations; and America will surely be attacked and greatly destroyed with nuclear weapons!

For, I have raised up My prophets and I have sent them all across this nation; and to many I have given dreams and visions and warnings of things to come! But, as I have delayed in My great judgments against this nation, many of you have said, “Aha, these things did not come to pass!” And, you have labeled as “false” my true prophets! Oh, what a mistake, what a very great mistake you have made!

For, I tell you now; and this is what I do know! Though this message should be disseminated far and wide in this nation, few of you will repent, though I tell you to repent! For, your hearts are hardened! Your spiritual eyes are blind and your spiritual ears are deaf! Therefore, so many of you will look upon this message and you will further lift yourselves up in your pride and arrogance!

For this reason, these judgments will surely befall you! For, though I warn you now, even as I have warned you so many, many times to repent and to forsake evil, the greatest numbers of you will not listen; for you are lovers of selves, proud, haughty, boasters! You love this world and what is in it and you will not turn from your evil ways!

However, a few of you, will read! You will hear! You will see and you will repent! But, not the greatest numbers! This is why you are now seeing the great judgments of the Book of Revelation as they unfold in this nation and in the whole world! For, judgment begins here in this nation, in My house; and I will not be satisfied until I have purged My whole house!

I am your Father, Yahweh, yea Jehovah, Most High God!

As witnessed, dictated and recorded this 16th day of June, 2010,

Linda Newkirk

For additional warnings about other events as foretold in The Book of Revelation visit


6/24/10 Update

Is God Punishing the Gulf?

By Alan Boyle
Science editor

June 24, 2010

Every time there’s a disaster, someone figures out a reason why God would want to do this to us. It happened with Hurricane Katrina, and with the Haiti earthquake, and now it’s happening with the Gulf oil spill. …

The oil spill thus serves in some quarters as yet another sign that the end times are nigh. On WorldNetDaily, doom-meister Hal Lindsey is quoted as saying “this is evidence that when you turn your back on Israel, especially when you’ve been a supporter, you’re gonna see judgments come from God.”

But the way Lindsey sees it, the disaster in the Gulf isn’t the only problem.

“The current government is overturning our constitutional republic, turning it into a socialist country,” he’s quoted as saying. “That’s about as big a curse as you can get. We just have one catastrophe after another and then we have this big wakeup call in the gulf.” …

Full story


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