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Jun 6th, 2010


Bombs Kill 6 in Baghdad, including Policemen

By Hadeel al-Shalchi

June 6, 2010

BAGHDAD — Iraqi security officials say an explosives-packed car driven by a suicide bomber has killed at least six people and wounded 15 outside a western Baghdad police station.

A second bomb stuck to the underside of a car elsewhere in the capital killed its driver and wounded three passengers. …


6/14/10 Update

Bombs Near Iraq’s Central Bank Kills 15

Image: Baghdad bank
Smoke rises over central Baghdad, Iraq, on Sunday, June 13, 2010 following a series of explosions. (Photo credit: Karim Kadim / AP)

By Sinan Salaheddin

June 13, 2010

BAGHDAD – Cars packed with explosives and roadside bombs killed 15 people in Baghdad Sunday in what officials said appeared to be an attack targeting Iraq’s central bank by militants who wanted to rob it.

A series of six bombs detonated in a marketplace near the central bank within eight minutes, suggesting a coordinated attack, a Baghdad police officer and an Interior Ministry official said. The bombs sent black smoke into the air as ambulance sirens screamed on the way to the scene. …

At least 15 were killed and 25 injured by four roadside bombs and two others inside parked cars, the officials said. …


Security tight in Baghdad following bank attack (NBC Today, June 14, 2010) — Iraqi security forces ramp up patrols in Baghdad following Sunday’s deadly attack outside the country’s central bank.’s Dara Brown reports. (00:41)



Bomb at Afghan Governor Office Kills 1, Wounds 14

By Mirwais Khan

June 5, 2010

KANDAHAR, Afghanistan — A bomb exploded Saturday outside the provincial governor’s office in the Afghan city of Kandahar, killing one policeman and wounding at least 14 civilians, officials said.

The attack reflects deteriorating security in the largest city in the country’s volatile south — also the Taliban’s spiritual home — where NATO is preparing for a major operation seen as key to combating the insurgency. Gov. Tooryalai Wesa was not in his office at the time.

The bombing also comes a day after a national peace conference in Kabul boosted President Hamid Karzai’s plans to seek negotiations with the Taliban in a bid to end the nearly nine-year war. …


FROM THE ARCHIVES: One Year Ago — June 6, 2009

Slide presentation

Images of D-Day
From air drops to beach landings, see the massive movement of troops and equipment in Operation Overlord.

D-Day Plus 65 Years

One-year retrospective: One year ago today I commemorated the 65th anniversary of D-Day, the Allied invasion of Normandy on May 6, 1944.

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