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Dec 31st, 2008

As Minnesota 6th Congressional District constituents ring in the New Year, they can look back on the historic election year of 2008 with some measure of pride in the knowledge that their representative in Congress made a strong showing (of sorts) in several “Year in Review” lists. That’s no easy feat, considering the U.S. House of Representatives has 435 members, each vying for attention. Following is a partial rundown.

Bachmann’s ‘Anti-American’ Comment Makes Best-TV-Moments List

By Paul Schmelzer
The Minnesota Independent
December 20, 2008

When TIME’s Best of 2008 series came out, I was surprised that Minnesota Rep. Michele Bachmann didn’t make the cut. Her infamous October appearance on Hardball didn’t merit mention in the Top 10 Campaign Video Moments (which, rightfully, saw Sarah Palin’s Katie Couric interview at the top) or Top 10 Campaign Gaffes.

Now, as 2008 winds down, we’ll start seeing more of Michele. The first two: Today, the New York Times Ginia Bellafante includes Bachmann’s “most embarrassing moment on Hardball in her list of TV “Moments that Float and Sting.”

Meanwhile, Comedy Central’s Indecision 2008 recognizes the 6th District U.S. representative for “channeling Joseph McCarthy” on the MSNBC show. She’s competing against the likes of Joe the Plumber, Rush Limbaugh, PUMAs and Barack Obama (“for being a Muslim, Arab, too-black, not-black-enough, Communist, socialist, Marxist, non-flag-pin-wearing, baby-killing, Hamas-endorsed, appeasement-practicing, elitist, community-organizing, eloquent, big-eared man who pals around with terrorists and can’t bowl”) for Best Campaign Villain of 2008. …


Winner of Indecision 2008 Award for Best Campaign Villain of 2008

Posted by: TheInDecider
December 22, 2008

Last week, we asked you to decide who was the Best Campaign Villain of 2008.

And you dredged up all your hate to make your voices sound clear as a bell across this great land of ours.

First, before we announce the winner, here’s the nominees as you decided them …

* Michele Bachmann

* Joe the Plumber

* Rush Limbaugh

* Keith Olbermann

* The lunatic fringe of Ron Paul supporters

* Barack Obama

* The PUMAs

And the winner for Indecision 2008’s Best Campaign Villain of 2008 is …

Michele Bachmann, in a landslide victory!

And here she is, channeling Joe McCarthy, in her shining moment …

Rep. Bachmann suggests ‘liberal’ is anti-American (MSNBC, Oct. 17, 2008) — Rep. Michele Bachmann gets in a heated exchange with Chris Matthews as she associates being liberal with being anti-American. She suggests that some Congress members are anti-American. (14:40)


Michele Bachmann (Year in Review)

Posted by: Political Muse
December 23, 2008

Over the past year Michele Bachmann has been honored seven times with a worse, worser, or worst person in the world award by Keith Olbermann. Congratulations 6th District, this is who you have chosen to represent your values:


The Golden Crookies 2008: Who Was the Year’s Biggest Wingnut?

2008 Golden Crookie Award from Crooks and Liars

By David Neiwert 
December 30, 2008

Who was the biggest wingnut of 2008?

Everybody’s been compiling their Top 10 lists of 2008. We’ve decided to compile a list of the biggest right-wing nutcases of the year — which, admittedly, could be a very long list indeed.

I consulted the C&L staff, and indeed there was not shortage of suggestions. The competition was fierce, but we finally pared it down to the list on the poll below. …

More information on each of the contestants at the links below:

Sarah Palin

Bill Kristol

Michele Bachmann

Pastor John Hagee

Sean Hannity

Lou Dobbs (more here)

Bill O’Reilly

Rush Limbaugh

Samuel “Joe the Plumber” Wurzelbacher

Mike Huckabee

[Note: I would not characterize all of the above as “wingnuts” (for example, Mike Huckabee and Lou Dobbs), which I expect will be reflected in the final vote totals.]


1/1/09 Update

Golden Crookies Wingnut of the Year: Sarah Palin in a Runaway

By David Neiwert
January 1, 2009

After polling our readers earlier this week, we’ve come up with the winner of the First Annual Golden Crookies Award for the Year’s Biggest Wingnut. And it really wasn’t a contest:

Sarah Palin: 5,738 (38%)

Sean Hannity: 2,762 (18%)

Michelle Bachmann: 1,969 (13%)

Bill Kristol: 1,535 (10%)

Rush Limbaugh: 1,089 (7%)

Samuel “Joe the Plumber” Wurzelbacher: 808 (5%)

Bill O’Reilly: 781 (5%)

Mike Huckabee: 237 (2%)

Lou Dobbs: 179 (1%)

Pastor John Hagee: 144 (1%)


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Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington Releases 2008 Most Embarrassing Re-Elected Members of Congress Report

Minnesota Rep. Michele Bachmann, voted Comedy Central’s Indecision 2008 “Best Campaign Villain of 2008” for channeling Joseph McCarthy by implying that Obama held anti-American views and calling for media investigation into other members of Congress to see whether they were pro-America or anti-America.

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