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Apr 14th, 2009

The three-judge panel in the Coleman v. Franken U.S. Senate recount trial issued its final judgment late this afternoon. The court ruled that Democrat Al Franken won the most votes in his 2008 Senate race against Republican Norm Coleman and is therefore entitled to an election certificate.

“The overwhelming weight of the evidence indicates that the November 4, 2008 election was conducted fairly, impartially, and accurately,” the judges wrote. “There is no evidence of a systematic problem of disenfranchisement in the state’s election system, including in its absentee-balloting procedures.”

Coleman has 10 days to appeal his case to the Minnesota Supreme Court.

Al Franken leads by 312

Minnesota U.S. Senate Recount Trial

Coverage of the Franken-Coleman U.S. Senate race, courtesy of The UpTake

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