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Sep 6th, 2008

Today, I will have campaign volunteers canvassing voters and handing out campaign literature in downtown Forest Lake (Washington County) and at the Little Rock Lake Association meeting and the Old Creamery Arts & Crafts Show in Rice (Benton County).

Old Creamery Arts & Crafts Show in Rice, Minn.

The Old Creamery Café is located in Rice, 13 miles north of St. Cloud on Highway 10.

The Old Creamery Café in Rice, Minn. (Photo credit: Minnesota Treasures)

I will be at the Saint John’s University football season opener against East Texas Baptist at Clemens Stadium in Collegeville, from about noon until the end of the game. Kickoff is at 1 p.m.

My former student, senior psychology major/sports medicine minor Brett Saladin, standout Johnnies tight end. (Photo: Saint John’s University Athletics)



As noted before, media organizations have begun publishing their voter guides for the 2008 election. Today, I feature information from the WCCO-TV / WCCO-Radio Voters’ Guide.

Biographical Information
Address: 99 – 8th St. N.
City/Town: Sartell, MN 56377
Campaign phone: (320) 240-6828
Web site:
Age: 52
Marital status: Married
Family: Four children (13, 11, 9, 2)
Religion: Catholic
Education/Degrees: Ph.D., Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University (with coursework at the University of Wyoming and the University of Maine), 1991
Military experience: Infantry paratrooper and military psychology officer, South African Defense Force (Cold War era counterinsurgency Border War); U.S. military consultant (nuclear counterproliferation, threat assessment, deterrence)
Experience: Volunteered in Patty Wetterling’s congressional campaign (motivated by a shared interest in public safety issues)
Community involvement: Sartell Community Education and Summer Recreation program; Stearns County Skywarn
Endorsements: None sought
Platform: U.S. national security


I’m a traditional fiscal conservative who believes in low, equitable, and fair taxation to fund essential government functions; fiscal restraint; and a balanced budget. We have no business spending hundreds of billions of taxpayer dollars toppling foreign dictators that pose no national security threat to the United States and then rebuilding their countries on the back of the U.S. taxpayer while our own vital needs remain unmet.

Iraq and the War on Terrorism

My signature issue is U.S. national security. My main concern (and chief reason for running) is the unintended consequences of the ill-conceived Iraq war. More than just exacting a huge cost in American blood, treasure, and loss of international stature, the invasion of Iraq has complicated the national security environment in the Middle East for the United States.

We should reduce our military footprint in Iraq in a manner that does not jeopardize recent security gains or enable Iran to exploit the disrupted balance of power created by the removal of its mortal enemy, Saddam Hussein. We need to shift more of our military assets and resources to counterinsurgency operations in Afghanistan and the Pakistani border region to fight the Taliban and al-Qaida. In addition, there needs to be greater recognition that terrorism cannot be defeated by military means alone. We must invest in force multipliers that enhance our prospects for victory in the war on terror.

How would you transform the U.S. energy policy?

I do not believe a freshman member of Congress has the capacity to transform U.S. energy policy. However, within the parameters of the energy policy formulated by the next president, I will support all reasonable means to increase supply, reduce demand, and develop energy alternatives that reduce our reliance on Middle Eastern oil.

Also, we should be mindful of the fact that the cost of energy to the U.S. consumer is influenced by our foreign, monetary, and fiscal policies. We should not be printing and borrowing money to fund unnecessary wars. Monetary and fiscal policies that increase the money supply and rely on deficit spending to pay for Iraq contribute to inflation and drive down the value of the dollar, which adds to the high price at the pump and the grocery checkout counter.



Michele Bachmann Blows Off St. Cloud Times Questionnaire

Her primary opponent, Immelman, filled out and returned the questionaire. Larry Schumacher at the St. Cloud Times has the story. …


Immelmann sounds like a true conservative…. his comments on fiscal policy make sense to me.
— Lady …

Oh, and I forgot to add, people in the northwest part of the district actually read the newspaper…. Bachmann’s campaign would have gotten some free press and a good compare/contrast layout if they had bothered to respond. The lack of response amazes me.
— Lady …

Expand domestic drilling and taking an aggressive approach to stop illegal immigration, I like that! Why won’t liberals take a common sense approach like this?
— …

He sounds like a more genuine small-government Republican than the incumbent. Congress, both under Republican and Democratic leadership, has never been honest about including the cost of the Iraq war in the budget. Hell, the last Republican led Congress under Dennis Hastert/Tom DeLay didn’t even do serious work on budget bills…. we ran on ‘continuing resolutions’. They were too busy with Terry Schiavo’s feeding tube and flag burning legislation.
— Anonymous …



6 Killed in Iraq bombing, Chalabi uninjured (AP, Sept. 6, 2008) — An official in ex-deputy prime minister Ahmad Chalabi’s office says six people were killed in a suicide car bomb attack on the former Pentagon favorite’s convoy in western Baghdad. But the official, Ayad Kadhim Sabti, says Chalabi escaped Friday night’s attack without injuries. …

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