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Sep 7th, 2008


Today, I feature information from the Star Tribune Voter’s Guide.

Candidate Profile: Aubrey Immelman

Other candidates in this race: Michele Bachmann

Office: Minnesota District 6 U.S. Representative

Background: Psychology professor; PhD, Nelson Mandela University, 1991; military service: rifleman, 1st Parachute Battalion; lieutenant, Military Psychological Institute (SADF, 1978-1981); U.S. military consultant (nuclear counterproliferation); volunteer, Sartell Community Education and Summer Recreation; hobbies: fishing, attending kids’ football, basketball, and baseball games; married, four children.

Most important issue: My most important concern is the unintended consequences of the Iraq war. The invasion and occupation of Iraq has exacted a huge toll in American blood, treasure, and loss of international stature. Tragically, the Iraq war has created a vastly more complex national security challenge for the United States in the Middle East. I’m offering my expertise and training in counterinsurgency and anti-terrorist operations and my professional experience in the areas of nuclear counterproliferation, threat assessment, deterrence, and psychological operations to help mitigate emerging national security threats in the wake of the Iraq war.



Following are excerpts from Eric Zaetsch of the “Developers are Crabgrass” blog.

More on Congressional Candidate Aubrey Immelman: Not a secularist, but believing in separation of church and state

With the Palin addition to the McCain ticket, and my dislike of it and the Palin ties to Dobson, Bauer, Perkins, Schlafly, the LaHayes, and others that Michele Bachmann has embraced on that spectrum of “thought,” I view it as helpful to disambiguate anything I have said from any chance people might view it as any indication of where the Immelman candidacy stands regarding church and state. …

I have never met or seen Immelman personally, whereas both Tinklenberg and Bachmann are candidates I have seen speak [Bachmann in 2004, in St. Cloud, with Mark Kennedy, early in the election cycle that year, and Tinklenberg at the Olson-Tinklenberg debate in Anoka, this year]. Even at a distance I believe Immelman outclasses each of those two. Although that is faint praise, I would go further and say that if he were the GOP candidate in the general election, he would have my vote.

Anonymous comment

I agree with you, Eric. Immelman appears to represent more of what you would call “old fashioned” republican views. If, having to choose a Republican to represent me, I would pick Immelman 100 times over Bachmann and her radical ways. It is refreshing to hear a Republican state that separation of church and state must be maintained, he appears to respect the Constitution, unlike many of both parties, especially Blue Dogs, voting lock step each time with Bush to initiate the Patriot Act, Military Commissions Act and other war mongering, Constitution diminishing “laws.” In fact, if the truth were told, we should have 3 Republicans running in the primary, Immelman, Bachmann and Tinklenberg given the intersection of their platforms. At least Immelman is against the war (translation — reducing the federal deficit) and is realistic about immigration and would uphold the Constitution. He doesn’t take money from the bad boys either, special interest groups unlike the other 2 candidates.



Rice-Constituents_09-07-2008.jpg Distributing Campaign Literature in Rice, Minn. picture by Rifleman-Al
Two constituents take a look at campaign literature distributed at the Old Creamery Arts & Crafts Show in Rice, Benton County.

Vietnam Vet at the Old Creamery Arts & Crafts Show in Rice, Benton County, Sept. 7, 2008.
A campaign volunteer at the Old Creamery Arts & Crafts Show in Rice, Benton County, took this photograph a Vietnam veteran who worries about health care costs for returning vets and expressed concern that we will not take good care of our wounded Iraq war veterans.



Campaigning for public office is hard work, but it does have its lighter moments. This afternoon, on the Holy Sabbath, I received a get-out-the-vote call from the Minnesota “Victory 2008” (Republican Party) office, asking me if they could rely on my vote this Tuesday for Rep. Michele Bachmann in the Sept. 9 Republican Primary. I had to inform the caller that No, they can’t rely on my vote, because they’re talking to Mrs. Bachmann’s challenger.

Also on the lighter side, I was fascinated by some of the action on the sidelines of the Republican National Convention in St. Paul. Here’s a YouTube video I filmed on the final night of the convention, of John McCain and George W. Bush impersonators hamming it up in Rice Park, outside the Xcel Energy Center, venue for the 2008 Republican National Convention.

Below is a short video of the MSNBC outdoor set for the 2008 Republican National Convention, in Rice Park outside the Xcel Energy Center in St. Paul.

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