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Oct 21st, 2008

I’m being inundated with messages and phone calls of support. Please accept my apologies if I do not respond immediately to correspondence or phone calls.

Your outpouring of support has outstripped my resources and capacity to respond to all of you in a timely fashion.

For those who have donated to the campaign, please accept this post as my expression of gratitude.

To prospective contributors: If you receive an “Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage” error message when you submit your donation, please ignore it and do not attempt to make a second contribution. 

I will troubleshoot the glitch as time permits. Here is the intended Thank You message: 

Thank you for supporting Aubrey Immelman’s campaign against neoconservatism.

Your contribution will help Immelman lead the charge in Minnesota’s 6th Congressional District against the destructive neocon ideology that has mired the United States in an unnecessary war in Iraq at a cost of thousands of American lives, hundreds of billions in taxpayer dollars, and untold damage to the international stature of the United States of America.


Aubrey Immelman



Republican Angered by Bachmann Revives Candidacy

Nick Coleman
By Nick Coleman
Star Tribune
October 21, 2008

An Immelmann is a precise aerobatic maneuver in which an airplane performs a half-roll to reverse its direction. A Bachmann is sloppier but more spectacular: To perform a Bachmann, a candidate for Congress puts her foot in her mouth, talks stupidly for seven minutes and watches her reelection campaign burst into flames. …

She put herself in the sights of an Immelman again.

Aubrey Immelman, 52, is a psychology professor at St. John’s University in Collegeville, Minn., who ran against Bachmann in the Republican primary. He finished second, with just 14 percent of the vote, but he got his campaign off the ground again Saturday by announcing he will run as a write-in candidate on Nov. 4 in the hope of knocking Bachmann out. …

Immelman, who has four children, is related distantly to Trevor Immelman, the South African golfer who won the 2008 Masters Tournament last spring. But when it comes to his write-in effort against Bachmann, he has more in common with the derring-do of Max Immelmann (sometimes spelled with a single ‘n’) who was called the Blue Max in World War I. For he has embarked on a one-way mission: He doesn’t want Democrats or Independents to vote for him. He just wants to take enough votes from Bachmann to bring her down. …

Bachmann may still win this dogfight. But her mouth has made it harder for her, and sanity just might be making a late comeback in the Sixth District.

Tinklenberg is flying high, Immelman has taken off on his write-in mission and even retired general and GOP icon Colin Powell, who endorsed Obama over the weekend, took a moment to fire a salvo at Bachmann’s remarks: “We have got to stop this kind of nonsense.” …

Bachmann is choking on her own hateful words. And there is only one maneuver that can help with that problem:

Not an Immelmann.

A Heimlich.



Trevor Immelman Wants to Dunk a Basketball

By Dr. Geoff Pound
Stories for Speakers and Writers blog
June 4, 2008

Walter Shurden tells this story:

Trevor Immelman, the South African golfer, won the Master’s Tournament this year (2008) in Augusta.

Immelman is also a big NBA fan. After winning the Green Jacket in Augusta, he visited Madison Square Garden for a basketball game. There he met the Boston Celtics big three, Paul Pierce, Ray Allen, and Kevin Garnett. Each enjoys golf.

Golf champions are often surprised at how much other athletes would love to be golfers. When asked if that was the case, 5 foot 9 inch Immelman laughed and said, “I’d like to be able to dunk a basketball. We each want some of the other person’s talent, I guess.” …

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