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In a fundraising letter dated June 13, 2012, U.S. Rep. Michele Bachmann fraudulently tells Republican donors, “now that my district has been re-drawn, I have thousands of new voters who I must reach with our conservative message and win over by Election Day.”

That’s deceptive, underhanded, and a gross misrepresentation of fact; the real truth is the exact opposite of Bachmann’s claim, because the size of the district in which Bachmann is running for reelection — Minnesota’s 6th Congressional District — was actually reduced to the tune of nearly 100,000 residents during redistricting, with constituents in the southeastern part of the district reapportioned to the 4th Congressional District (represented by Betty McCollum) and constituents in the northwestern corner of the district reapportioned to the 7th Congressional District (represented by Collin Peterson).

As reported by the St. Paul Pioneer press (“Bachmann sidesteps McCollum to stay in new 6th District,” Feb. 12, 2012), redistricting “cut more than 96,000 residents out of Bachmann’s growing 6th District” by “[lopping] off the far ends of the 6th District — western Stearns County and a portion of Washington County.”

Clearly, Bachmann’s statement would be true only if she had chosen to run for reelection in the district in which she actually lives, namely, Minnesota’s 4th Congressional District.

The only new voters for Bachmann to reach in Minnesota’s Sixth are those who became eligible to vote or moved into the district since the previous election cycle.

Following is the full text of Bachmann’s letter, with fundraising links removed.

Dear [recipient’s name],

This is a terrifying thought, but can you imagine what a second term of an Obama White House would look like?

  • Any chance of repealing Obamacare will be gone forever.
  • The national debt will be on its way to surpassing $20 Trillion.
  • Cap and Trade will kill millions of jobs by creating the ultimate environmental nanny state.
  • Iran will achieve a nuclear weapon and our ally Israel will be left to fend for herself.
  • Our children and grandchildren’s inheritance will continue to be demolished under a massive pile of federal debt.
  • Abortion-performing organizations like Planned Parenthood and other liberal causes will continue to receive billions of your family’s hard-earned tax dollars.
  • The U.S. Constitution will continue to be trampled under “international law” and other baseless liberal interpretations.

Only a few short months remain to ensure we elect constitutional conservatives to Congress, defeat President Obama and ensure the disastrous list above doesn’t become reality.

Will you join with me to ensure this doesn’t happen?

It is plain and simple — in order for an Obama Administration to continue passing their socialist agenda they will need a Democrat majority in the House — and that means defeating me for reelection. That’s why I’m a top target of Democrat special interest groups and the Obama campaign.

They would love nothing more than to see my campaign be defeated. I need your support today to show them the progressive agenda, not me, will be defeated.

Please let me know I can depend on your support today by following this link and making a donation of $35, $70, $100, $250, $500, $1,000 up to the legal limit of $2,500, to Bachmann for Congress today.

As the TEA Party Caucus Chairwoman in the U.S. House and one of President Obama’s sharpest critics, the Democrats are champing at the bit to see not only me — but our shared conservative values be defeated.

[Name redacted], we cannot let that happen. I shudder to think of the utter disrepair that our economy would be in if Obama serves another term as President.

That’s why your contribution in the amount of $2,500, $1,000, $500, $250, $100, $70, or $35 today is so important. Not only will it prove to the Democrats that our campaign has the strength of thousands from across this nation, but it will ensure that our campaign has the resources necessary to defeat the millions my multi-millionaire opponent is willing to throw into this race.

As you are well aware — campaigns are very expensive. And now that my district has been re-drawn, I have thousands of new voters who I must reach with our conservative message and win over by Election Day [emphasis added to highlight Bachmann’s fraudulent claim]. Only a few short months remain and I hope I can continue to count on your generous support today.

Thank you for your continued friendship. May God bless America.


Michele Bachmann

P.S. Obama has already had four years of dismantling our economy — and we cannot give him another chance. The Democrats are working day in and day out to try to secure the House of Representatives, and we cannot allow that to happen. Won’t you stand with our campaign today?


7/31/2012 Update


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4 Responses to “Bachmann Lies to Campaign Donors about Redistricting”
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  3. Aubrey Immelman Says:

    Cross-posted from reader comment in response to the letter to the editor, “District should vote out Bachmann,” published in the St. Cloud Times, Aug. 15, 2012.

    Redistricting cut more than 96,000 residents out of the 6th Congressional District by lopping off the far northwestern and southeastern ends of the district.

    The vast majority of residents redistricted out of the 6th (inluding Michele Bachmann herself) were at the southeast margin of the district in Washington County, adjoining Democrat Betty McCollum’s 4th Congressional District, where Bachmann lives. Those voters in the aggregate are among the least conservative in the district.

    A much lesser number of predominantly conservative residents were redistricted out of western Stearns County (from Paynesville to Albany) and added to Blue Dog Democrat Collin Peterson’s 7th Congressional District.

    The net effect is that Minnesota’s 6th Congressional District — which was already the state’s most conservative district prior to redistricting — is now by far the most conservative congressional electoral district in the state and not very fertile ground for a Democrat in which to run.

    More information at link:​news/​bachmann-lies-to-campaign-d​onors-about-redistricting/

  4. Aubrey Immelman Says:

    I’ve heard Bachmann apologists say that all politicians are liars. But Bachmann’s falsehoods are quantitatively of a greater order of magnitude and qualitatively largely in a league of their own.

    In the political context, metaphorically, she’s the septic effluent discharging into a large cesspool with several smaller nonpoint pollution sources.

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